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   The Creed (Software Demo) - Free download
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Downloads: 1008
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File size: 32 MB
File Name: creedf_s.exe
Last updated: Sep 19, 1998
Download Time: 148 min at 28.8 kbps (Dial-up)
Dial-up Time: 82 min at 56 kbps
DSL/cable Time: 10.81 min at 768 kbps
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The Creed (Software Demo)   Description:
is an action game that takes place in a violent city, where you must offer your services to one of the factions that rule the city. To survive the streets of Cerebus you will need to watch your back. Every moment could be your last. Danger lurks behind each corner, and you don't even know who you can trust.

You are either Gene Matrix or Guy Kreed: two battle-hardened casualties of a society where violence has become a way of life. To survive you must offer your services to one of the factions that rule the city.

The "Order" are always in need of a sick and twisted soul to assist them in their demonic deeds. Or if you are seeking meaning in your life, then the "Brotherhood" may provide you with some devine duties. But if you are just corrupt and devious, and will do anything to get a job done, then the "Earth Federation Government" is the place for you.

Either way, you must escape from this condemned planet before it's too late, or suffer an unimagineable fate.

Use your skills and abilities to achieve the missions you are offered. Serve a faction well and you will find safety amongst their ranks. Cheat them, disobey them, or turn against them and you will be earmarked for immediate assassination.

Violence is the way things are done in Cerebus. Your duties may range frrom assassinating a high profile businessman, to delivering a high tech component for a new weapon.

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