Treasure Island v2.02a Description:

is a "simultaneous strategy" game that combines elements of both real-time and turn-based strategy games.

Treasure Island combines the intensity and unpredictability of "real time" strategy games with the "go at your own pace" and control of "turn based" strategy games. Your team and a Pirate team have landed on a treasure island where multiple treasure chests are buried. To win the game you must get more than half of the treasure chests back to your ship.

Each team is composed of 5 distinctly different types of players (Scout, Trapper, Runner, Fighter, and Swordsman), each with various degrees of special skills such as vision, sword fighting, speed, stamina, stealth, etc. Each player can run, walk, crawl, stand, dig, defend, or attack. These actions have an impact on vision, stealth, and energy consumption. Each player starts fully rested, but when he goes into action, energy is consumed, affecting his speed and combat strength.

Conflicts will arise as the pirates try to capture your men, or you try to capture them. These conflicts are resolved by sword combat, which is composed of a series of dueling episodes.

After winning the first expedition, you can pick one new player to add to your team, and can coach each of your team members in the attempt to increase one of their skills. Of course, the pirates are also increasing and coaching their teams.

There is a wide variety of terrain on the islands, such as meadows,trees, bushes, swamps, streams, lakes, large rock hills, and more. Each type of terrain influences how far the players can see, how much energy the player expends passing through it, and how fast the players move.

To prevent predictability, a great deal of effort was put in to the computer's artificial intelligence (the Pirate team), to create a wide variety of strategic and tactical options from which that particular pirate captain can choose.

Although Treasure Island is loaded with action, chases and combat, no one gets killed and there is no blood, so it is suitable for all ages.

Category: Strategy and War 
Publisher: Carr Software      More titles >>
Last Updated: 04/10/2018
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