Reach for the Stars Description:

is a turn-based strategy game of epic galactic exploration, colonization, and conquest.

If the space age started with Sputnik, the interstellar age started with Pathfinder. In June 2198, the unmanned vessel slipped into what inevitably became known as hyperspace and completed a journey of six light days in less than two hours. After the initial euphoria, it was realized that this was only the beginning, that the technology required to fold space-time had almost limitless potential. When Pathfinder entered the Alpha Centauri system, the news that the stars were within reach caused both jubilation and trepidation on Earth. Mankind would go to the stars, but if we could do it, so could others. Sooner or later we were bound to meet another species and Earth recognized the need to "be prepared."

The wisdom of that policy became evident in 2235 when a scouting force entered the Deneb system and was immediately attacked by forces of the Saurischi, an aggressive reptilian species. Although humanity lost that first battle, we learned enough to win the war. Just as we were congratulating ourselves, we discovered that the Saurischi were the least of our worries. When our former enemies approached us for a treaty so that we could jointly fight a new species known only as the Hive, we knew that our problems were only just beginning. Little did we know that the Hive Wars would last for over two hundred years and bring mankind to the brink of destruction. What had begun as a reach for the stars had become a bitter struggle for survival.

Reach For The Stars is a galactic strategy epic with more than 20 scenarios, plus nearly unlimited play with random scenarios. Tactical combat procedures allow you to control fleet formations, attack and defensive orders, and standing orders while a diplomatic system allows enforceable agreements and treaties between species. Combat takes place as fleet engagements, planetary bombardments, and invasions against 16 unique species, each its own technological, combat, and economic advantages and disadvantages.

Category: Strategy and War 
Publisher: Strategic Studies Group      More titles >>
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