Albion v1.37 Description:

is a futurisitc, fantasy adventure, role-playing game.

In the year 2227, the gigantic, interstellar factory ship "Toronto" reaches a distant solar system. The ship's owners, the enormous DDT company, believe that there are rich deposits of raw materials on this third planet of the system, called Albion. But the data which describes the planet as a desert, turns out to be forged. You play the role of Tom Driscoll, the pilot of the reconnaissance team, who discovers that Albion is in fact a world full of life, secrets, surprises and magic. You must guide your party through a maze of magic, puzzle-solving and equipment acquisition, and save Albion from "Toronto's" tentacles. In this game, all the characters have their own personalities, cultural backgrounds and varying levels of intelligence. You can interact with any of the characters you meet, and glean as much information as possible. When exploring unfamiliar areas and large houses, a detailed 2-D display is used, making it easier to orientate yourself. When the action gets particularly exciting, the view switches to a 3-D display, so you experiences places, such as a dungeon, through the eyes of the character. All battles you fight occur on a tactical 3-D battle screen. The turn-based battles are fought in separate rounds, so that it is the element of strategy and not speed which determines who will win. The battles are shown as animated graphics with numerous special effects.

Category: Adventure and Role Playing 
Publisher: Blue Byte Software, Inc.      More titles >>
Last Updated: 03/22/2018
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