Shuttles v1.0 Description:

is an entertaining board game played against the computer, featuring an animated cartoon audience that reacts to your moves.

Try to move all five of your colored pegs through the maze and into your goal across the board before your computer opponent does. You and your opponent alternate turns making only one of the following moves: shuttle move (move any maze wall of your color left or right one notch), piece move (move any piece of your color forwards, backwards, or sideways any number of spaces without passing over a barrier or another piece), jumping move (jump over one opponent's piece), or center shuttle (either player may move the center maze wall left or right one notch).

Watch and hear the reactions of the audience as you perform good or bad moves. They'll clap and cheer when you do well, or boo and hiss when you're losing. During the game they'll also throw paper airplanes, blow party makers, eat hot dogs, blow bubble gum bubbles, and perform other silly antics. And if you win the game, you'll see your opponent burst into tears.

You can choose from five skill levels for your computer opponent.

Category: Miscellaneous 
Publisher: Shoptagh Games, Inc.      More titles >>
Last Updated: 09/26/2018
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