MiG Alley Description:

is an interactive, campaign-based, flight simulation set during the Korean War.

No more shooting at dots! Mig Alley is the definitive up-close-and-personal 50's Jet Fighter simulation. Without radar-guided missiles, you'll need to get in real close to blow your opponent from the skies. And at a closing speed of 1000 mph, that's not going to be easy.

MiG Alley includes the world's first and largest jet-to-jet dogfights, with over 50 aircraft in the sky at any one time. And you can fly any of the following aircraft, all with accurate flight models: F86 Sabre (the ultimate dogfighter), F84 Thunderjet (long range strike and escort jet), F80 Shooting Star (ground attack and fighter jet), P51 Mustang (classic World War II propeller aircraft), MiG 15 and MiG 15bis (the fighter that nearly drove the UN airforce from Korean skies). Other aircraft appearing in the game include the B29 Super fortress, Meteor, F9 Panther, A1Skyraider, YAK piston-engine fighter and many others.

The ground detail is painstakingly taken from aerial photography and satellite spy cameras from the era. Ground information has been drawn from satellite photographs covering areas of 45 miles long by 2.5 miles across. There's also a huge difference in terrain, with widely different colors in different parts of the peninsula and massive alterations in the ground altitude - there are mountains rising 9,000 feet.

You have to plan your daily missions, maximizing the strengths of the various aircraft while minimizing your weaknesses. Select missions from a wide range of targets - concentrate on attacking enemy troops, try to cut off their supplies, destroy bridges, or attempt to achieve air superiority. The success or failure of these missions has direct implications to the course of the ground battle. A flexible approach will be called for, as the game aims to make the campaign environment as dynamic and interactive as possible. Add to that the astounding graphics, stunning landscapes, accurate flight models, and the world's largest jet-to-jet dogfights and you have one the best games of next year on your hands.

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