Thief II: The Metal Age Description:

rejoins Garrett in the shadowy sequel of the action adventure game.

Think of Thief 2 as a "first person sneaker." Sure, you can use your sword and bow to kill your enemies, but the general rule of engagement in Thief 2 is: "The enemy should never know you were there."

As a master thief, you have the ability to become practically invisible while in shadows. If an enemy is otherwise ignorant of your presence, he can pass quite close to you without seeing you, as long as you are in the shadows. There is a "visibility gem" at the bottom of the screen that indicates how visible you are to your enemies. You will learn techniques such as crouching, walking instead of running, not drawing weapons and finding all the quiet walking surfaces and shadowy places in order to completely obfuscate your enemies. You can also make your own areas of darkness by using water arrows to shoot out torches.

You also possess several special tools and abilities available to the master thief. You are a great pickpocket and can often steal a key, pouch, or potion from passing AI characters. They must be unaware of you for pickpocketing to succeed, so the best thing to do is to hide in a shadow and wait for one to pass by. You also have a set of lockpicks that can open a variety of doors. Use all of these talents properly and you will procure riches enough to be a successful rogue.

Category: 3-D Action and Arcade 
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