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Category Highlights

BVS Solitaire Collection (6.2)[Buy Now]
Voici une collection de 405 jeux de Solitaire, multi-fonctions, très différents, auxquels vous pouvez jouer. Vous conna?trez des styles de solitaire trouverez nulle part ailleurs.
License: Shareware    Size: 3552 KB
  02/19/2018 Download Now

I SPY: Treasure Hunt
I SPY: Treasure Hunt - Explore a very cool pirate town in this hidden object game
License: Demo    Size: 149.8 MB 
  02/19/2019 Download Now

Rummy Drop (v2.1)
combines the logic of solitaire with the fast action of Tetris.
License: Shareware    Size: 185 KB
  07/03/2018 Download Now

Mindjongg (7.0.5)[Buy Now]
Mindjongg is our full featured Mahjong tile matching game with 17 3D tilesets and over 50 layouts. You can also create your layouts and tilesets and share with others over Internet. Numerious new game options to enrich your game experience!
License: Freeware    Size: 4739 KB
  02/19/2018 Download Now

Jonggy (2.00)[Buy Now]
Jonggy, the card game of the ancients, is a unique one-player card game for both the advanced and novice patience (solitaire) card player.
License: Shareware    Size: 1943 KB
  01/14/2018 Download Now

KIRA KIRA - This is a visual novel with an intricate story and lots of turns!
License: Demo    Size: 372 MB 
  01/23/2019 Download Now

Space Cards (v2.5)
is a solitaire game in which you try to eliminate the three pyramids of cards.
License: 30-day Trial    Size: 3 MB
  04/04/2018 Download Now

Aces Tournament Timer - Texas Hold'em (WMSP) [Buy Now]
Run your Texas Hold'em tournament on your Windows Smartphone with the Aces Tournament Timer! Easy and convenient, the new Aces Tournament Timer for Texas Hold'em allows you to bring the game everywhere!
License: Commercial
  02/21/2018 Download Now

Rahjongg - Ra's Revenge (1.6)
Rahjongg - Ra's Revenge - A new and easy to play puzzle game fro everyone.
License: Demo    Size: 3.9 MB 
  02/08/2019 Download Now

Toy Defense 3 - Fantasy
Toy Defense 3 - Fantasy - Here's a brand new tower defense game with lots of towers and upgrades to choose from
License: Demo    Size: 93.2 MB 
  02/28/2019 Download Now