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Category: 3-D Action and Arcade 
Publisher: Interplay Productions Inc.      More titles >>
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2000
Requirements: Not specified
License: Demo
Operating system: Windows 95/98/Me
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File size: 30 MB
Price: Not specified
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Evolva   Description:

is a futuristic adventure in which you command a team of mutants against an alien parasite that has infected the galaxy. It is the future and humanity has become masters of genetic engineering. The ultimate use of this technology is in the Genohunter. The Genohunter is the ultimate adaptive warrior that can be deployed in any situation. It adapts itself by absorbing enemies and then, after analyzing their DNA, mutating itself to incorporate any useful abilities that the creature may have had. For example, if a Genohunter absorbs a creature that has the ability to jump high, it will mutate its own body and increase the size of its legs to emulate this ability.

A menacing parasite that infects and subsequently destroys whole planets has invaded the galaxy. Spreading its huge limbs throughout the world it has infected, it produces eggs which when mature are launched into space to infect the next set of planets, destroying the world in the process. Through these actions, it produces armies of guardians to protect itself. You take on the role of one of the Evolva, the elite commanders of the day. With a team of Genohunters in your ship, you are sent to stop the armies of the parasite, and ultimately the parasite itself. The fate of the galaxy rides in your hands.

You control a team of four Genohunters on the surface of the planet from the safety of your orbiting space ship. To begin with, the Genohunters are equipped with only their fists, but as you progress through the game, they acquire new abilities. To acquire these abilities, your Genohunters must absorb the remains of fallen enemies. They will do this automatically when the remains are in range. The genes in the remains are automatically extracted and the meat provides essential energy for mutation. Once enough remains have been absorbed, the option to mutate your Genohunter in the 'Mutator' screen becomes available. You then select which of the fallen creature's abilities you would like your Genohunters to inherit. When you have made this choice the Genohunter will mutate its body to adapt to this newfound ability.

Evolva is a tactical shoot-em-up that immerses the player in a visually stunning 3D world offering a rich game playing experience. Driven by A-Life technology, this world and its alien inhabitants form a challenging and actually living environment. Evolva will guide you through a unique gaming world that mixes the excitement of fast-paced shooting with the tactical elements of a strategy game.

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